Sunday, August 7, 2011

Stock Certificate

This was an enjoyable project commissioned by Kevin Gardner of Carolina Ethanol. A stock certificate is a document reflecting legal ownership of a specific number of stock shares in a corporation. (thanks to
I incorporated images that relate to Carolina Ethanol's history, purpose, and methods. The border tile image is of Sargassum, a kind of floating seaweed, which is what Mr. Gardner is researching to make ethanol from.
The buildings are on a street in Charleston, SC, which is where the Sargassum is being cultivated in pools, and will be cultivated off the coast in the future; and where the business will move when the research progresses far enough. For the most part, the other imagery is marine-themed: the seaweed will eventually be grown in the sea.
Veremos Terra ("We will see land") ...well, Mr. Gardner told me something like this: Christopher Columbus had been sailing for a long time and he declared he had faith that the journey would end someday, that they would see land. At least that's what's in my memory. I'll edit this if I get a better explanation. For Carolina Ethanol, it's referring to the idea that we are on a treacherous journey in a fallen world, and we have faith that someday, our ship will be guided by the hand of God to a Promised Land.

The empty circle at the bottom will hold the seal of Carolina Ethanol, embossed by hand. Photo of the real thing signed & stamped forthcoming.