Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More portfolio pieces.

Digital illustration executed in Photoshop with Wacom tablet. More of an exercise than a well-thought-out conceptual piece. The thing is, it was never completely thought out. So it stands as an exercise.

The concept was 'magic' and it was for a class, so we were restricted in some ways: no animate objects (so I used coats), monochromatic color scheme. I chose to show magic in a city scene, with chanting and an enchanted trash can. A very large enchanted trash can.

A botanical/nature illustration in watercolor, and I used a tiny bit of white gouache for the highlights on the berries in the middle. These are American beauty berries, two different varieties. I painted the wood grain background on watercolor paper first, masking out the berries, then painted the berries on top.

A screenprint on tea-stained paper. The whole class was assigned to make a print titled "The Most Offensive Thing Ever," and as you can imagine, most people took it literally, some did something like a mirror or something slightly more mysterious (a Virgin Mary with a bullet, for example) but I was the only one who managed not to show the Offensive Thing.

An illustration showing Life and then Death. Executed in colored pencil; type and border added digitally.